Scale model might reveal looks of the 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider image

The world of reveals moves in suspicious ways – remember how the Volvo S90 sedan had appeared on numerous occasions as a leak due to the presence of 1/43 scale models?

The history is repeating itself now because we have a company that already sells the 1/43 scale model of the 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider – a model that has been confirmed but hasn’t been revealed yet. We can see the cues of the production model – though you should take this with a grain of salt, because the Italian brand might bring final moment modifications to the design of the open top. Anyways, the model has been hinted by the top brass at Ferrari – including by Marchionne himself – on numerous occasions, so we’re just waiting for that final official public presentation.

Scale model might reveal looks of the 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider 4

It should come out to play sometimes next year on the street, being limited to a careful run of just 150 units. This 1/43 scale model built by Kane & Co. comes with a glass engine cover and a trapezoidal compartment behind the seats, where the retractable roof should be housed. Speculation ranges from the classic fabric roof to an intricate and technically complicated hard top system. Of course, the 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider is keeping the same 6.3-liter V12 and electric motor combo for the hypercar credentials.

Via Kane & Co.