Scalextric slot car racing already using the McLaren 720S image

Only a select few will ever get the chance to drive a real-life McLaren 720S, but the rest of us will get numerous alternative chances – such as the 32 times smaller Scalextric slot car version.

The world of automotive enthusiasts is such a wonderful place – where do you find more grownups playing with toys than here? Just look at the Amalgam 1:8 scale collection of historic and modern McLarens – they look so intricately detailed that if a sorcerer shrunk you to fit the dimensions you would surely drive away in one. Or you could play hard on the new Scalextric1:32 scale McLaren 720S slot car racing track. It’s a recreation of the McLaren supercar – which has only just premiered on the show floor at Geneva. But if you think this is quick, don’t be surprised – the in-house MSO bespoke department has already premiered its first (of many, we’re sure) version of the new Super Series model.

Scalextric slot car racing already using the McLaren 720S 0

It turns out Scalextric worked with McLaren during the 720’s development process and was “tortured” to secrecy – but now they are free to showcase their slot car version. Scalextric took things seriously – with photo and technical assets taken directly from McLaren and its designers paying visits to the automaker’s design center to see the in-development 720S. The completed model is available in two colors – Glacier White and Azores Orange and don’t expect low prices, as this prestigious British slot car company has been out and about since the 1950s and rules high-end scale racing.