Scania reduces bus production at its Polish plant amid low demand image

Poland’s Scania Production Slupsk has handed redundancy notices to 142 employees due to weak demand for buses and coaches for public transport.

Fully-built buses in the Omni range that are made in Poland have seen declining demand in the company’s most important markets. The affected employees will be given the possibility of early retirement and redundancy payment, the company decided following negotiations with trade unions.

“The economic situation in our most important markets is showing no sign of improvement, which means that we expect continued weak demand for public transport buses in the coming year. Therefore, we have to adjust production to significantly lower volume,” Klas Dahlberg, senior vice president Scania Buses & Coaches said in a press release.

The Slupsk plant has around 700 employees and is the hub of Scania’s European production of bodied buses for public transport. The factory builds the bodywork for the Scania OmniCity and OmniLink models and also assembles the chassis for the Scania OmniCity. These chassis are also delivered to other bus bodybuilders in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport applications. The company employs some 37,500 people in about 100 countries.