We’re pretty unsure of the future of mobility so for now we’re taking in any project that explores the area – and we’re not dismissing them until the rest of the world does.

So, we’re thus giving the necessary space to this prototype, which guarantees you’ll be looked upon – especially if you’re a bearded hipster. Schaeffler is a renowned automotive supplier, and has been working in the field of electric and efficient mobility for some time now, so we’re granting them the benefit of some positive doubt. While they have many side projects – from teams sponsoring in the Formula E series to mild hybrid systems – this new project really strays away off the beaten path, and that might actually be the winning card. In this case, only time will tell though.

What we have here is a very interesting electric bike/car concept. Called the Byo-Hybrid, it comes with electric-assisted pedaling in a four-wheel format. It has the legal and health benefits of a bicycle, while also taking traits from pedelecs and some creature comfort uses found in classic cars. Electric assistance takes the speed up to 25 km/h and you don’t need a driver’s license – because the dimensions of 31 inches wide, 6.5 feet long, and weight of 176 pounds make it usable on bike lanes. The battery is portable and the range is of 31 to 62 miles of electric assistance – and it even has a storable roof, as well as room for cargo or +1 seat for a child passenger.



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