Schaeffler Hybrid – Corsa-based electric car image

The Schaeffler Group has developed a car which it says is ‘full of ideas’ on electric mobility.
Dubbed the Schaeffler Hybrid, the vehicle is the part of an advance development project that enables a practical comparison of the various options available for mobility to be made.
Schaeffler Hybrid features a volume produced combustion engine from a basic vehicle, a central electric motor and two in-wheel hub motors. The vehicle displays various elements that can be switched on and off, including various vehicle configurations and driving conditions.


The transmission naturally incorporates clutch products specially matched to the requirements of hybrid vehicles from the Schaeffler brand LuK. The energy store, which is a 16 kWh lithium-ion battery (400 V, 400 A), is charged by means of energy recovery, the range extender as well as via an external power supply (plug-in hybrid).

The motors that Schaeffler Hybrid is equipped with have an output of around 50 kW each and torque of around 530Nm. The units are also claimed to haveappealing torque characteristics as well as a remarkably low noise level.