Schneider Electric tests an intelligent charger solution for electric vehicles image

being conducted jointly by EDF and Toyota.

The 135 chargers provided by Schneider Electric are being installed in the parking lots of partner companies and at the homes of participating Strasbourg residents. The installation and maintenance of the charging infrastructure is being handled by Samep, a Strasbourg-based company specialized in the installation of energy management, access control and video surveillance equipment.

The Strasbourg PHV project represents a unique opportunity to test Schneider Electric’s chargers under real-life conditions. Each charger’s instrumentation will record details of its use, collecting key data that will provide further insight into customer needs and enable the development of even more effective solutions.

The infrastructure solution developed by Schneider Electric enables vehicle batteries to be charged safely, and optimizes the charging load according to the vehicle’s needs and the power available in the grid. Thanks to an inbuilt telecommunications system, the chargers can inform users of their availability and charging status and send a text message to the vehicle’s owner when the charging process is complete.

Compatible with smart grid technology, the chargers will eventually be able to identify and select the renewable energy sources available in the grid.

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