Schreyer, the man tasked to remodel South Korea’s Hyundai and Kia image

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance saw the unveiling of Hyundai’s HCD16 Vision-G concept vehicle, a massive coupe that, according to co-president Peter Schreyer, is going to influence the Hyundai brand styling in the near future.

The former Audi stylist is now the co-president of both the Korean carmaker and its affiliate brand Kia and has been responsible for the praised transformation of the two brands into stylish offerings. “I want to make the brands strong, while keeping them fresh,” commented the 62-year-old Schreyer on the sidelines of the event. Under his leadership, Kia for example has launched striking new models – such as the midsize Optima sedan – and Hyundai had its own popular models thanks to new styling – the midsize Sonata and compact Elantra. The Korean automaker was not so endorsed when it launched the conservative big Equus sedan – which would face off with the Mercedes S Class or the BMW 7 Series – and Schreyer hints numerous “cues” from the concept coupe will be seen on the next-generation flagship.

The Vision-G’s ultimate goal is to propel the unique look into a territory that would be shared by upcoming Hyundai models – the next Equus, the smaller Genesis sedan and maybe even a large coupe based directly on the concept. “It’s not just about putting down all these lines,” the German-born design chief explained. “I want to get away from the thinking that many young designers have that it is all about surfaces. I want to work more with the architecture of the car, focus more on its proportions.” He also signals with the latest concept the new level of his designs – much more subtle and holistic, with a focus on “attitudes,” as Schreyer suggests.