Schropp Tuning Ford Mustang gets to 807 hp in German style image

The American muscle car’s current generation is the first one to go global, and that shows across the entire spectrum of the market – including the aftermarket scene.

The world’s bestselling sports car in 2016, the Ford Mustang is also currently the top selling car in its segment in Europe, probably owning to the mirage of being able to acquire a 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine with American flavor. There’s no surprise the Mustang GT is also the main choice for aftermarket upgrades – and one prime example comes from Germany’s Schropp Tuning. The focus being on the 5.0-liter unit, the aftermarket specialist brings to the table two power upgrade levels – for starters we have the SF600 packing a supercharger and an ECU remap for an enhancement to 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts).

Schropp Tuning Ford Mustang gets to 807 hp in German style 3

If that’s too close to the original, then you can go for the hardcore SF600R conversion that “guarantees major league supercar performance” by almost doubling total power via major internal upgrades. The tuner uses a new Coyote engine block with uprated cylinder liners, race grade low compression pistons, steel billet crankshaft with stronger connecting rods, high flow oil pump and other geeky modifications. With appropriate fuel, the V8 can pack up to 807 hp (602 kW) and 700 pound-feet (950 Newton-meters) of torque – and the tuner also throws in a custom exhaust system, HJS 200-cell free flow sport catalytic convertors, and 76-mm diameter pipes for good measure. The massive power is kept in line with new propshaft and driveshafts, KW V3 coilover suspension, and a carbon-fiber front suspension tower brace.