Sep.28 (GMM/ Damon Hill has tipped his former championship nemesis Michael Schumacher to soon quit formula one.

The pair fought mercilessly for titles in the mid 90s – famously clashing at the 1994 Adelaide decider – and were never friends throughout the period until Hill retired in 1999.

When the Briton last raced for Jordan, he was 39.

“By then I was too old to go on,” Hill told Italy’s Motorinside. “After a certain age you’re no longer able to be as fast or consistent, much less able to handle the pressure.

“Michael is now 42; in my opinion it’s too old to be competitive, plus he doesn’t have a car for the top positions. He can’t go on like this for much longer,” he predicted.


  1. I talk M.S father in kerpen a mont ago,and i just realise ,that type of people never give up anything!So ,what you talk about this demon??

  2. Damon – please keep quiet and continue living your life of mediocrity. You are nowhere near the class of Michael Schumacher, so please keep your mouth shut.

  3. Got his name in the news column on Google, mission accomplished.
    After watching Schumacher the last several races, starting in Canada this past June, only a complete IDIOT or someone who needs internet traffic would make such a stupid comment.

  4. I agree with all of you, especially with Steve. You must have an interes or to see F1 for the first time (and still you will notice how MS recovered amazing the gap between him and Rosberg during Singapore GP) to say things like those told by him.
    If he was not able to continue, for his own reasons, to race, this doesn;t mean that others are in the same condition. Look at him, Hakkinen or Vileneuve and compare thier look, their phisical shape with Schumacher. C'mon, all of them are grandfathers, white hair, belly, and so on. Of course they wouldn;t be able to compete at these level so they talk.
    One thing is true, if the car will not be competitive, Schumacher will find something else. But I doubt that Ross Brown, Norbert H. and Mercedes, in general will not find the solution to , at least, win some races. And when they will start to win, the rest is well known. Championship title will come.

  5. Last year it was a gap between MS and Rosberg for so many reasons. New car, new tires, no testing, new rules, etc.
    Now he is right there, close to N.Rosberg and by the end of the year, will be ahead. If it wasn;t Perez so afraid and to release the throtle so early, Schumacher lap times were better than N. R. So, by the end of the race the score was another one. But, anyway, looking back to all these races for the present Championship, Rosberg is having a plus only in qualifying. During the race, his pace is bellow Schumacher. It could be a strategy of Schumacher of setting his car more oriented to the race rather than the Qualifying.
    And, off topic, this Perez comment after the race :What Schumacher did was an optimistic thing"…deserve no comment. I mean who is Perez???? Just nobody with a big mouth.

  6. Well, I must say that at 42 years old, Michael has not done too bad from the last couple of races since Canada 2011. It's like the old Schumacher is almost back after watching the Canadian GP. There are even very strong rumours with the help from Rosberg that Schumacher will sign a one or two year extension, and go for the title.
    Age ain't nothing but a number, and personally Michael looks alot younger than a 42 year old, Damon looks like he is 60 years old. So leave Schumi alone as he has a right to do what he enjoys.


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