Schumacher may race for Mercedes ??? image

According to Michael Schumacher lost yesterday his position as an adviser to Ferrari’s Formula One team. However different Ferrari sources announced that seven times F1 world championship signed a three year’s contract with Ferrari for developing road cars.

However, speculation that Michael Schumacher might return to F1 next year with Mercedes Grand Prix has intensified, after his spokesperson said that while it was unlikely, you can never say never in this sport either!

“You can never say never in this sport,” Schumacher’s spokesperson, Sabine Kehm told British tabloid newspaper, The Mirror, when asked about the stories Schumacher could relinquish his Ferrari F1 advisory role. “But you can rule it out at the moment. It’s highly unlikely.”

So with that said silly season has gone in to overload with rumours suggesting that Schumacher could be set to renew his Mercedes ties and take up a seat for Mercedes GP next year.
As much as we would love to see that, we believe the real reasons are more likely to be Schumacher’s involvement with the FIA after the recent appointment of ex-boss Jean Todt, with the Frenchman indicating that the German would always have a place at his side.

Image: Getty Images 2 months ago