Scion plans to get back to 100,000 unit sales image

Toyota’s quirky and youth-oriented Scion marquee has been struggling for years, but the company now seeks to bring it back on the growth path by introducing new products and changing marketing and advertising strategies.

According to the Japanese-backed company, almost all of the 1,000-plus dealers have remained loyal and committed to the brand and their expectations could soon be met again. That’s because Doug Murtha, the brand’s chief says that Scion is once more aiming for annual deliveries of more than 100,000 in the near future, following last year’s free fall of 18% to 58,009 autos. The difference is enormous from the Scion heydays of 2006 when the brand was topping 173,000 units with just three model lines – and the pre-recession glory days were coming after the band was newly introduced – Scion appeared back in 2003. Now, the brand has five nameplates and has been without a new introduction for three years – additionally two of them will get the axe: the boxy xB and the Yaris-based xD hatchback. They will be replaced by two new, unrelated introductions later on this year but given the fact they’ll arrive near the end the sales expectations for 2015 remain conservative.

Scion will keep its model range at five entries with the aid of the two new introductions, while the brand’s marketing and advertising strategy also calls for a slight reposition towards more mature clients. The brand will bring the new iM sporty hatchback that draws inspiration from the Toyota Auris hatchback already on sale in Japan and Europe. The second model would be the marquee’s first four-door model in the portfolio, a yet-unnamed sedan.

Via Automotive News