Philippe Streiff, a former F1 driver and a good friend of Michael Schumacher told reporters outside the hospital in Grenoble that his life is out of danger now.

“He is out of danger. I’m not a doctor, I’m repeating what Gerard Saillant (one of the leading neurologists in Paris and a friend of the F1 world star) told me.

“Gerard Saillant said it is a serious condition but his life is not in danger anymore now, thankfully.”

For the moment, the hospital has not confirmed the report.

Meanwhile, a source close to French investigators said his family handed a Go-Pro HD sports action camera to police, who questioned Schumacher’s son Mick yesterday. However, at this moment is unknown if the camera was switched on at the time of the crash.

Police also sized Schumacher’s skis to check if they were in any way defective. According to Germany’s Bild newspaper, the seven time world champion was distracted because he was irritated by one of his boots.

Michel was operated two times to remove a large haematoma inside his brain and reduce pressure. He is in induced coma since then. His helmet cracked on impact when he hit the rock.

“There was a lot of blood,” one emergency worker said.

Schumacher turned 45 on Friday. He is a seven-time F1 World Champion and one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time.


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