Search for Volkswagen’s Piech successor goes on image

The German Bild am Sonntag newspaper reported that Volkswagen’s quest to find a successor to the former chairman Ferdinand Piech is still going on, and that the interim holder of the position, who is at the moment Berthold Huber, is likely to stay in the position until the end of 2015.

After Ferdinanch Piech departed from the company in April after losing in a public feud with CEO Martin Winterkorn, former union chief Huber, took on the role for supposedly a number of months. One candidate for the job, Wolfgang Porsche, who is already a member of the supervisory board, stated that he is not up for the chairman position. Porsche’s newphew, Ferdinand Pliver Porsche, is also a candidate, and so is Winterkorn. Volkswagen refused to comment on this information.

Another German newspaper, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, reported at the end of last week that works council chief Bernd Osterloh thought he was better off by being a member of the works council than take up a position on the automaker’s executive board, as it had been previously debated. Volkswagen has recently informed its employees that the new VW CEO, Herbert Diess, has been brought along by the brand’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Martin Winterkorn, in an attempt to remove any signs of rivalry between the two execs as the carmaker is looking to get away from its leadership crisis. Diess and Winterkorn have to deliver a plan to reduce $5.6 billion in annual costs from Volkswagen’s brand operations by 2017, which will have to include cutting costs from unions and political leaders.

By Gabriela Florea