Seat announces new compact crossover below the Ateca coming next year image

During the automaker’s annual dealer meeting, Seat President Luca de Meo has revealed the company will enter the compact crossover segment sometimes in 2017.

The executive was present to deliver a speech at a special event in Barcelona’s harbor, with the manager pointing out the brand is going to unleash a new product offensive spearheaded by the Ateca, set to “expand and strengthen the model lineup.” The immediate result will be the introduction of a smaller model to complement the SUV lineup next to the Ateca – and the model should also help the company deliver a presence in the hot crossover segment. The Ateca has just been presented this year and uses the basis of the latest generation Volkswagen Tiguan, complete with powertrain options. Additionally, Volkswagen is also looking to deliver its own compact crossover model – meaning the two models will most likely share components.

Seat remained mysterious about detailed specifications for the new compact crossover model but said the Ateca has been a popular introduction so far with 7.2 million people being interested about it in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The model will be launched across dealerships next month and the configurator has been used 300,000 times so far by interested buyers. The rumors about the compact crossover include Ibiza-inspired styling and components, as well as the availability of an exclusive two-wheel drive setup.