SEAT axes “Auto Emocion” slogan image

SEAT CEO James Muir announced that the brand’s famous “Auto Emocion” slogan has been terminated as he felt no one knew what it meant.

Debuted on the Leon and Arosa models 10 years ago, the catchline will no longer appear at the end of TV adverts. “When I walked into this job two years ago I wasn’t going to rip everything up and say it wasn’t any good, but I’ve looked at Auto Emocion and tried to find out what do people, dealers, and the press think it means. Nobody could explain it to me,” Muir told the press in Barcelona at the launch of the new Seat Mii city car.

“The slogan just hasn’t got enough substance. Going forward we need something that does and I’ve been working hard to define what that should be,” the CEO added. Muir suggested the replacement slogan „Enjoyneering”, which he says it combines the flair and passion of SEAT design while also hinting on German engineering.

“Most people still think Seat is part of Fiat and not a member of the VW Group. We need to change that. That’s why we’ve come up with the statement ‘Enjoyneering’. It will stick if people get it. It describes what it is we’re trying to do and is better than what we had,” Muir explained.