Seat brand to focus on women, introduce crossovers to lift profit image

Seat, a brand of the second largest automaker in the world and the biggest in Europe, Volkswagen AG, has been struggling for quite some time and only managed to come with its first quarterly gain after seven years last month.

Now, chief executive officer Juergen Stackmann believes the automaker is ready to turn the page and head into a turnaround as it works to overcome the massive challenges ahead that prevent the company from being a constant money-maker. The executive faces the difficult task of finally joining the booming crossover segment while other carmakers are already well established in the field. The brand also wants to focus on securing more women clients, as the sporty brand has been oriented for years towards the male population. The last and maybe most important task – restart China sales. Seat is going to present its first ever compact sport utility vehicle next year in spring during the 2016 Geneva auto show and then also enter the equally crucial subcompact crossover field – the brand treats the segment as a priority, though the second model has not received a final production decision or even a schedule for release.

The brand is also in the process of enlarging its retail network, for example bringing 35 new sales points in the United Kingdom this year. The same level of expansion can be seen in France, while in Germany the task goes towards refining and improving the sales and aftersales business units. Seat is also planning to start local production in China, but the executive hints the decision would only come after and if the brand achieves sustainable profitability in Europe.

Via Automotive News Europe