Seat crossover gets the green light image

The Spanish based automaker Seat is planning to develop a crossover which is expected to hit the market by 2015 on the Old Continent.

A new model is getting ready to enter Seat’s lineup and under the guidance of its mother brand, Volkswagen, the carmaker will roll out a crossover over the following years, which is expected to be highly competitive. The new model to make its way onto the market with the Seat badges on its body has been recently confirmed for production by the company’s chairman, James Muir, who has announced that the model will be launched by 2015.

According to the Seat chairman, James Muir, the new model will be a direct rival for vehicles like the Nissan Qashqai or the Volkswagen Tiguan, and it won’t be a production version if the IBX Concept, officially presented to the public last year, during the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The new Seat crossover will be previewed by a concept car which will be taken to an international motor show “within the next two years” and the final production of the model will go on sale “within the next three years”, according to the company’s official. Additional details on the Seat crossover are limited for the moment.

Source: Autocar