The Spanish based automaker Seat has recently announced that the Mii FR will be officially presented to the public at this year’s Worthersee event.

According to the car manufacturer, the Seat Mii FR will preview a full production version which will hit the market in the nearby future. Even if the Seat Mii in question has been named the FR, it won’t actually be a true FR model but it will adopt a more aggressive design for both the exterior and the interior designs while still being powered by the “classic” engines. The upgrades list includes a rear spoiler, 16-inch aluminum wheels and FR logos fitted on its body, along with sport seats, red and black leather upholstery and some other interesting features.

As a quick reminder, on most markets the Seat Mii is being offered at a price of just under 9,000 euros, which basically means it’s just over 500 euros cheaper than the Skoda Citigo and almost 1,000 euros cheaper than the Volkswagen Up!. The Seat Mee is coming with a three-cylinder engine which is developing a total output of 60 horsepower, offering an average fuel consumption of just 4.5 liters per 100 km. Standard details include the Emergency Braking System which is radar assisted and four airbags.


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