Seat Mii launched in Italy, starts at EUR9,300 image

The Spanish based automaker Seat has recently announced that the Mii has been launched in Italy, where the small vehicle has been price at 9, 300 euros.

After being launched in the United Kingdom not too long ago, for a starting price of 7,845 GBP, the Seat Mii is once again entering our news, this time with the Volkswagen sub-brand announcing its arrival in Italy, where the model can be bought starting from 9,300 euro. According to the car manufacturer, the Seat Mii is actually 1,300 euros cheaper than the vehicle which is based on, the Volkswagen Up!, and the model is available in both three and five-door body styles.

The Seat Mii is coming with a three-cylinder petrol engine, in two outputs, 60 HP and 75 HP, which is allowing the model to achieve a top speed of 160 km/h in the first one and 171 km/h in the latter, with the fuel consumption standing at 4.5 liters (60 HP) for 100 km and 4.7 liters (75 HP) every 100 km. CO2 emissions stop at 105 g/km in the less powerful output and at 108 g/km in the other one. The model is available in Italy in two versions, the Reference and the Style, and the latter can be customized with the Chic and Sport packages.