Seat Mii leaked image

In the world where owning a hybrid or electric vehicle is exactly the same as adopting 100 African orphans, the major automakers are just moving their battleground to a whole new territory, in the land of small, urban cars, with all of them looking like Volkswagen’s up!.

The Spanish automaker Seat is also entering the battle with its own version of the VW up!, named the Mii, that happily leaked so we now know that it’s not interesting and we can go on, and we also have an image of it, thanks to the

According to our source, the small Seat Mii, which is nothing more than a Volkswagen up! replica, is expected to be powered not by an electric, or even a hybrid, but by a 1.0 liter three-cylinder petrol engine, which will deliver somewhere between 60 and 75 horsepower, so the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions should be low.

With its unique front fascia, slender grille and distinctive headlights, the Seat Mii is nothing more than a rebadged VW up! or a Skoda Citigo, and if you are reading this news because you want to buy one for your mistress, that’s OK, we just don’t want to see men on the driver’s seat.