The Spanish based automaker Seat has recently pulled the wraps off its latest creation, the Mii Vibora Negra Edition, a special edition of the regular Seat Mii.

According to the car manufacturer, the Seat Mii Vibora Negra Edition has been inspired by the Seat Mii FR Concept and the model is taking its name from the Spanish “black viper”. The Seat Mii Vibora Negra Edition is being differentiated by the twin racing stripes running from the tailgate, to the roof and on the hood, along with stripes on the flank, a tailgate spoiler, redesigned side skirts, black mirrors and specific alloy wheels.

Seat says that the upgrades found on the Mii Vibora Negra Edition can also be ordered separately, but when they are ordered as a package, they get a 10 percent price decrease. The features found on the new limited edition of the Seat Mii can be fitted onto any trim level, starting with the entry-level S and ending with the top of the line Sport.

As a quick reminder, the Seat Mii is getting a three-cylinder petrol engine, in two outputs, 60 HP and 75 HP, which is allowing the model to achieve a top speed of 160 km/h in the first one and 171 km/h in the latter, with the fuel consumption standing at 4.5 liters (60 HP) for 100 km and 4.7 liters (75 HP) every 100 km. CO2 emissions stop at 105 g/km in the less powerful output and at 108 g/km in the other one.


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