Seat reveals plans for upcoming decade with four new models in the near future image

The Spanish money-losing brand has unveiled its strategy until 2025 that will focus the automaker towards emerging growth segments that can yield a significantly better profit margin than today.

Naturally the managers have not unveiled specific details of their plans but did say the Spanish brand is on tow to introduce four models within the next couple of years. Their first addition to the model lineup will be a compact crossover – a hot selling segment across the world – tentatively scheduled to reach the public during the first part of next year. We also believe the other three models are the upcoming facelift for the Leon compact, the new generation of the smaller Ibiza and a yet to be seen larger sport utility vehicle.

Given the new strategy that centers around “models with a high-profit margin, customer satisfaction and most attractive employer” as growth pillars, the parent company has also given the brand a completely new boss – Luca de Meo has taken the post so far occupied by Jürgen Stackmann. “I want to acknowledge the effort and dedication of all SEAT employees over the last few years. From this day forward, I join SEAT with the same passion and commitment to the brand that you have demonstrated. SEAT has the potential to design and produce high-quality cars. We work consistently, we are passionate, fast, flexible and we have the technology. I am convinced that the strategy we are presenting today will be a huge success,” commented the former member of the board that directed marketing and sales for the luxury Audi brand.