Connecting cars and their owners through smartphone applications is the next trend in auto industry and Seat also announced it would take this direction.

After Volvo said it would offer a digit key that can be shared between its drivers, Volkswagen’s Seat unit also came up front with news about a similar smartphone application. And the best place for this type of announcement is at the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. Last year, the Czech brand and Samsung concluded an agreement on initial technology solutions that are currently featured in some Seat models. This year the deal will be strengthened by the arrival into the joint venture of SAP, a leading German software company. The aim of this partnership is to keep users connected while on the road, and the R&D teams of SEAT, Samsung and SAP have joined forces to present several future ways of doing this at MWC.

Therefore, the trio presented an app that lets you reserve a parking spot and enables you to pay for the service without leaving the car. Following the success of the Samsung Pay platform in South Korea and the US, Samsung’s mobile payment service is expected to reach the European markets in the coming months. The new app made for Seat will allow the user to reserve a parking space from any location through fingerprint recognition, navigate the driver to the location and automatically raise the access gate when the car approaches. When the driver exits the carpark, payment is planned to be made directly from the app.

Additionally, Seat and Samsung also showed an evolution of last year’s digital key technology, which was a solution for locking and unlocking the doors, turning on the air conditioning and opening and closing the windows remotely, all with the help of a smartphone. The new solution brought this year is a function that will be accessible in the future in a Seat car, whereby authorisation can be given for another person to share the car without the need to transfer possession of a key, even if both people are in different locations. In a more advanced stage of the project, there are also plans of configuring and restricting a series of car features or performance, by limiting the maximum speed or specifying the driving mode to increase efficiency.


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