Second-hand Tesla Model S costs more than new one in Norway image

Although the first Model S rolled on the streets of Norway only about two months ago, by the end of September it already became the best selling model in the country – not just among electric vehicles but conventional ones too.

Tesla delivered 616 cars in September (it’s not a big market), for a total market share of 5.1% for the month. It managed to beat by far the perennially popular Volkswagen Golf, which runs on gasoline or diesel and had only 561 buyers for 4.6% of the market.

Now, Norwegians are so enticed to buy  a Model S, they are actually willing to pay a premium for a second-hand car, the direct opposite of the way the car business works. Reuters reports there are customers paying as much as $20,000 over the list price. A search on, a Norwegian variant of Craigslist, reveals that Model S is up for grabs for 780,000 Norwegian krone ($130,000), well above the $110,000-$117,000 cited for a new one.

Of course, the strong demand is not quite so incredible, as the Nordic country is the first country in Europe to get a network of superchargers – fast, free charging stations for Tesla’s cars. And it is also the world’s largest per-capita buyer of electric vehicles, which is mainly because Norway has the world’s most generous incentive structure to buyers of such alternative powered vehicles.

Via Reuters