See a stealth tank disappear or disguise as a car image

While not long ago this would have been the stuff of science-fiction, the PL-01 prototype tank is a three person, 35 ton real chunk of metal.

Made by Polish firm Obrum and BAE, the tank actually doesn’t disappear in front of our eyes or even transform just like in the “Transformers” movie franchise, as it’s only capable to deal the blow during the night, when it’s naturally concealed from our eyes.

In modern battlefields though, once darkness comes, technology makes the night an ordinary day – albeit with a totally different spectrum. This is where the PL0-01 works its magic – through a series of hexagonal plates arranged in a specially developed mesh. The tiles simply change the tank’s temperature and make it look like a car or any other object – and if they adjust to the ambient temperature, even make it disappear completely. It could even be adjusted to display messages – like for the enemy after it’s hit, a “homerun” message would be in order…

The 7 meter long tank, equipped with the latest tech is manned by a three-person crew, having a modular unmanned turret and a plethora of other weapons, from machine gun to missiles. If you’re interested in joining the army, you should note the tank will not be ready for combat situations before 2018.

Via Daily Mail