We have here footage and proof the drifting community has decided to break all barriers – after last year we took notice of the first ever Lambo drift car and the only Lexus LFA prepared for such competitions, here’s the world’s first Rolls-Royce drift machine.

Last year was a major breakthrough year for the drifting community as the footage below is actually captured back in September – we’re sorry for catching up to it so late in the day but maybe you’ll forgive us once you get amazed by this unique ride. We’re treated here by a VIP apparition all the way – this particular Silver Shadow drift-prepped monster has been manhandled by none other than Boyzone’s Shane Lynch – the checkered flag tattoo on the neck was the immediate giveaway. The Rolls-Royce her depicted has the factory-prepped 6.75-liter V8 – the same that has evolved inside the current Bentley Mulsanne – and the stock three-speed automatic transmission. Then the rest of the powertrain should be expected to have received the kind of adjustments needed for slip angle workarounds.

Design wise, the Silver Shadow has no chance at passing as your regular chauffeur driver – VIP rear passenger setup, the shaved bumpers and unique wheel arches are quite easy to see from the get go. And if you take a look inside the cabin, you’ll be forgiven to direct your attention away from the beauties to the Spirit of Ecstasy that adorns the hydraulic handbrake lever… By the way, there isn’t a coincidence we mentioned the Raging Bull drift version and this Rolls seen during the 5th round of last year’s Irish Drift Championship – they’re connected by Monster Energy.



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