See the world map with top selling car brands per country image

In excess of 88.1 million cars and light commercial vehicles were sold brand new to their intended customers worldwide in 2016, which is a rise of 4.8 percent compared to the preceding year.

We all know that Volkswagen AG took the global crown, but it turns out Japan’s Toyota remained the most popular brand when taking into account deliveries by country – 49 of them opted for the former world number one. We also have a neat report with the world map depicting the most popular brands by country, compiled by Regtransfers, UK’s “largest number plate dealer,” which analyzed the delivery numbers and created this interesting infographic, painting for us the automotive brand image of the world. You may notice not all countries are actually represented – some of them didn’t offer access to their sales figures.

Toyota has gained leadership in places such as Latin America, Asia, and Africa, and even the Australian region. Volkswagen has prominence in numerous European countries, while Ford is the most popular brand in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. European countries are also patriotic – Renault rules in France, Seat in Spain, Fiat in Italy, VW in Germany and the affordable Dacia took its home market of Romania but also neighboring Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Moldova.

Via Regtransfers