Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz has not always been known for producing performance cars or even compact hatchbacks. But “times they are changing” – as the song goes – so we now get both.

Mercedes Benz has been eager to expand its worldwide sales by carefully introducing models below the bread and butter C Class that for years had served as the bottom line for the luxury automaker. We now have a myriad of smaller, compact models and among them stands out the A Class. If it actually doesn’t stand out enough for you among the many compact offerings you could take it home in the performance enhanced version A 45 AMG. Not even that is enough?! Then maybe Germany-based Folien Experte has an answer – you could have the hot hatch wrapped all over in matte chrome red wrap. This particular model that has been modified by the tuner looks to be the Edition One variant that has been sold through the model’s first twelve months of availability – the giveaways are the extra features of the front apron and the rear wing.

The standard paintjob has been covered by Folien Experte’s matte chrome red wrap that will set back the customers another 4,200 euros. The model at hand also has the KW coilover suspension worth €3,000 and 19-inch Brabus Monoblock F wheels that use Pirelli P Zero 235/35 R19 tires – the combo is another 4,500 euros. Because beauty is nothing without power – the “meager” standard setup of 360 PS has been updated to reach 435 PS (320 kW), with the powerful four-cylinder, 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine receiving a host of modifications. Among them we have new race filters, sports exhaust system and an ECU operation developed by PP-Performance, which is another cool 7,117 euros.

Via Folien Experte


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