SEMA to feature quirky Soul First Class, an autonomous concept image

It’s not about the exterior tuning in this case – and we’re not entirely sure this project fits the aftermarket bill at all – but the South Koreans do want to showcase the Soul First Class concept in Las Vegas this November.

On the outside, this Soul doesn’t look spectacular at all – even though the carmaker equipped it with “aerodynamic 19 inch Rotiform Monoblock CCV” wheels that should bring a “modern vibe”. The main asset of the Soul First Class is the interior where there’s a 40-inch TV for the viewing pleasure of the two passengers installed in the rear-facing seats. Kia claims this is “an upscale inter-city chariot, ” with the bespoke Soul more likely serving as a hint to what Kia has in store in the autonomous segment – as the company promises a completely autonomous car to arrive by 2030. The concept even makes do without the steering wheel, instead relying on the onboard computers, cameras, radars, and sensors for the driving bits.

The rear-facing seats hooked to the 40-inch TV and high-end audio system also get a motorized center console with two tablets to provide access to the car’s functions – while the idea of mobile lounge will be emphasized through the use of gray wood flooring and white and grey leather upholstery featuring diamond stitching. The 2030 driverless car target will be achieved through Kia’s new “Drive Wise” sub-brand that will work towards the development of autonomous driving technologies.