The largest automaker in the world, Japan’s Toyota, has always been accused of creating reliable but dull vehicles – but the company has decided a change is in order now.

And they have been hard at work across the board – from its luxury Lexus marquee to the iconic Prius or the futuristic Mirai fuel cell. One particular entry you might want to take a second glance at if you’re in Las Vegas for the SEMA even is the “Ultimate Utility Vehicle” that has been teased back in June. The concept is a cross between a regular minivan and an off-road oriented sport utility vehicle could be your ultimate transportation choice in case of natural disaster or zombie outbreak – even though it originally started its life as a family-oriented Sienna MPV.

It has been modified alongside eight other models to take part in the company’s “Ever-Better Expedition” – a worldwide event that wants to unite the global 330,000 membership of Toyota – with the Sienna UUV being the “command center” for the North American part of the trip that will see it cross 16,500 miles of the continent’s most extreme areas. With a range of electronic equipment needed for the journey, the engineers elected the Sienna as the base due to its enhanced interior space and now houses a TracVision mobile satellite television receiver, Wi-Fi, Internet access, multiple USB ports, 17-inch monitor, 60-inch Sony LED TV, 2,500-watt JBL audio system, and a Flir M-324xp night vision camera system.

To cope with the extreme driving conditions, the Sienna body was married to a Tacoma 4×4 frame – with a four-link long-travel suspension (four inch of lift), 33×22 Nitto Mud Grappler tires mated to 22×12-inch Monster Energy 539B off-road alloys and 15.75 inches of wheel travel.


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