The US Congress hearing set to debut later today will have new key figures to ask the burning questions about GM’s mishandling of a 2.6 million cars recall that led to at least 54 crashes and 13 fatalities.

Back in February, GM revealed it was calling back 2.6 million autos, mostly older Chevrolet Cobalts and Saturn Ions for the replacement of a defective ignition switch. The flawed part can make the engine stall and the car lose its critical safety systems, like the airbags. We all know that subsequently the company was found to have known about the issue for at least a decade.

“Claire will be posing some tough questions that haven’t yet been answered about the role GM’s legal department played in delaying this recall,” said Andy Newbold, spokesman for Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill.

The US lawmakers are calling today their fourth congressional hearing in the ongoing investigation on the handling of the recall. Previously were called on the stand GM’s CEO Mary Barra and Anton Valukas, the lawyer in charge with the company’s own internal investigation. The major players in GM’s ongoing safety scandal that will take the stand now are Michael Millikin, the general counsel of GM, and Rodney O’Neal, CEO of Delphi – the auto parts maker that supplied the defective ignition switch.

Via Reuters


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