September sales: Ford sales soar in China, the automaker goes after the Japanese rivals image

Thanks to the spike in anti-Japanese sentiment a year ago, top China sellers Toyota and Honda are now struggling,  while Ford takes advantage and announces a 61% increase in sales last month.

The new product line-up of the US automaker has attracted many customers, and Ford has reached in September deliveries of 96,111 vehicles in China last month, up 61% from a year earlier. During the first nine months of the year the automaker managed sales of 647,849units in China, a jump of  51% from 2012.

“By refreshing our product lineup, expanding our dealer network, and growing our team and production capacity, Ford will continue to deliver a safe, high-quality, fuel efficient, and connected driving experience to our Chinese customers,” John Lawler, chairman and CEO for Ford China, was quoted as saying in a statement.

Although a latecomer to the world’s largest automotive market, Ford is poised to sell more than 900,000 vehicles, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles, in China this year, mainly buoyed by its beefed-up product lineup, according to a company official who disclosed the target under condition of anonymity. Toyota is also targeting to sell around 900,000 vehicles and Honda close to 750,000 in China this year. China-based spokespeople at the two firms said they were on track to meet those objectives.

Via Reuters