Although only in its second month on the market, the battery-operated vehicle from the U.S. company has posted a surprising result – it has become the best-selling car in Norway in September.

Tesla captured 5.1% of Norway’s total car sales share during the month. The total number of rechargeable electric cars on the road in Norway is estimated to have surpassed 14,500 vehicles – that compares to the larger US market, which had total electric sales in 2012 of 13,427 units.

The company just launched the Model S in August, and pent up demand could also be the answer for some of September’s 616 Model S sales, as tallied by Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken, which gathers Norwegian car sales data.

Boosted by the lawmakers, electric vehicle sales in Norway during August were more than twice that of the much larger German market. Nissan’s Leaf has become the fifth best-selling model of any kind in Norway through the first nine months, capturing around 3% of the total car market.

Norway and its capital city, Oslo, also have a great network of taxpayer-supported charging stations. Owners of Leafs and other electric cars can pull into one of the many public lots that have public chargers and are exclusively for EV use.

Via The Wall Street Journal


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