Sergio Marchionne: “With every Fiat 500 EV sold we will lose $10.000” image

The Italian based automaker Fiat doesn’t seem to have a “pink” future and according to the company’s official, Sergio Marchionne, the Fiat will lose about 10.000 USD with every 500 electric sold. MArchionne says that the main problem will be loss because the Fiat 500 EV isn’t expected to be sold in many units, considering the high price of the model.

“With every Fiat 500 electric sold we lose about $10.000. Technical obstacles we have to pass are still a lot: batteries, recharging, distribution network. And the market is currently almost nonexistent. Our technology is one that we can’t develop in normal conditions”, said the Fiat boss, Sergio Marchionne.

According to the Fiat and Chrysler president Sergio Marchionne, the most efficient solution would be concentrating all the resources on promoting conventional vehicles with low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions which are running on alternative fuel, like methane.

“The development of the electric vehicle is a solution which mustn’t be abandoned because it is one of the most promising alternative. However, nowadays, focusing all the efforts to their development isn’t bringing any immediate or tangible benefit”, added Marchionne.

The Fiat 500 is currently being sold in the United States for 15.500 USD but the electric version of the model is expected to cost over 45.000 USD.