Sergio Marchionne Unveils Fiat’s Plans for the Next Years image

Sergio Marchionne unveils Fiat-Chrysler plans for the following five year, including the upcoming models.

The multiple automakers under the brand, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, SRT, Maserati and Fiat, are expected to bring several new models in the following years, besides the revival of the Alfa Romeo in the States.

One of these changes will be the transition of the Chrysler Town & Country minivan to a crossover, production of Dodge Durano will cease in 2016 and the Avenger in 2014, while a six-cylinder Dodge Journey SRT will join the lineup.

What concerns the Alfa Romeo, the 4C Coupe will get in the States by 2013 and the Spyder later this year. In 2014 the company will add a small crossover similar to the Jeep Patriot, with a four-cylinder powerplant. The Giulia, Giulietta and Giulia Sportwagon will get in the States by 2014. The Alfa Romeo, with Mazda RWD components will also get in the country at an unknown date.

Chrysler will bring a 200 model in 2013 and the smaller 100 somewhere in 2016, said to be based on the Giulietta and featuring the Dodge Dart size. In 2015 is expected the Town & Country crossover, on a brand-new platform, and in 2017 we’ll see a 300 model.

The Dodge has already released the new Dart and a new Challenger is expected in 2014. The Journey will be upgraded in 2013, with the SRT6 model. The Grand Caravan will be upgraded in 2015 and in 2016 the Charger will get a remodel.

In 2013 Fiat will bring the 500, the 500XL and the new Liberty, while he Grand Wagoneer (full-size SUV), Jeepster, and Patriot are expected in 2014. The Jeepster will be built in Italy, while the Patriot will be manufactures in the U.S., twined with an Alfa Romeo crossover.

For 2013 Maserati has prepared its Quattroporte and Maseratina, and the Kubang for 2014. In 2015 and 2017 the GranTurismo and GranCabrio will be upgraded. The SRT will bring a new Grand Cherokee SRT8, Challenger SRT8, and Dart SRT4 model.