Shanghai: Acura SUV-X Concept [video] image

Acura has officially pulled the wraps off its latest creation, the SUV-X Concept, during the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, in a premiere.

The brand new concept car signed by Acura, the SUV-X, has been already announced for the Chinese automotive event at the beginning of the month. The model is a small SUV or crossover which has been designed for the local auto market and it’s also the first ever concept made by Acura which was unveiled outside the North American soil.

“Emotional and sharp styling and driving performance, together with the environmental performance of a small vehicle and excellent utility of an SUV are all fused together at a high level in this vehicle. Acura is planning to begin local production and sales in China of a mass-production model based on this concept vehicle for its market in about next three years”, as Acura says in the official press release.

Even if the Acura SUV-X Concept has been officially presented to the public in Shanghai, the carmaker didn’t release any details on the model or on its powertrain, but this is most likely a hybrid. Additional details on the Acura SUV-X Concept are limited for the moment and will be announced probably once the model is being placed into production, over the next three years.