Shanghai: Geely KC Concept image

The Chinese based automaker Geely has recently unveiled its latest creation, the KC Concept, during the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, in a local premiere.

With most major automakers in the world being present at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, domestic ones, like Geely, couldn’t say “no” to the automotive event and this means a huge publicity which will eventually be turned into more customers choosing its vehicles. One of those future vehicles might actually be a modified version of the one pictured below which, in this case, is named the Geely KC Concept.

Geely owns Volvo these days and if you thing that the KC Concept looks like a Swedish vehicle you’re right, because it has been styled by Peter Horbury, a former Volvo design chief. Besides this, the Geely KC Concept is also based on the same platform as the S80 and, we must admit, except for the front grille, the model in question is quite attractive, for a Chinese car. Hopefully the final production version will adopt a more conservative front grille. The Geely KC Concept is 4,960 mm long and it’s riding on a 2,880 mm wheelbase. No details on what is found under its hood have been released but rumors are saying that it might be a hybrid.

Source: Car News China