Shanghai GM Sold in May More Than 110,000 Units in China image

In May Shanghai managed to reach a total of 110, 503 Buicks, Chevys and Cadillacs sold in China, up 14.9% for the JV.

From January until May Shanghai GM sold 555,280 units, setting a new record for the joint venture despite setbacks in April. In May the best performing brand was Chevrolet with 56,938 units sold, up 35.7% year-on-year. The Cruze and the New Sail totaled 18,977 units and 18,773 units. Captiva SUV reached 6,128 units from January until May. Since its debut in February, the Malibu sold 10,000 units. It is worth mentioning that Shanghai GM will also take Chinese orders for the electric Volt.

Buick sold in May 51,360 units, the Excelle Kaiyue sold 23,085 units in May, being one of JVs best sold models. LaCrosse sold 10,669 units, and the XT and GT versions of the Excelle Yinglang totaled 11,985 units. From January until May, Buick sold over 120,000 units, becoming China’s best selling brand. In May 2,205 Cadillacs were sold, up 6.6% over the same period last year. The SRX luxury SUV sold 1,754 units in May and more than 9,000 since January.