Shanghai: Ivona Vulcano image

The Ivona Vulcano has been finally revealed, during the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, after being teased a couple of times over the past few weeks.

The Ivona Vulcano remains a one-off vehicle, designed for a buyer who will have to pay approximately 2 million EUR (2.6 million USD / 1.7 million GBP) and the model has been created by Cecomp, a coach builder, the same company working on the BMW Z4 Zagato and on the Ferrari SuperAmerica. Cecomp has also provided some engineering support for the Alfa Romeo 8C. The Ivona Vulcano is 4,450 mm long, 1,940 mm wide and it weighs 1,595 kg (3,516 lbs).

Two powertrains for the Ivona Vulcano have been created, by former Ferrari F1 technical director, Claudio Lombardi. The first one has been named the H-Turismo V12 and it’s a hybrid rear-wheel drive configuration with a 790 BHP (589 kW) V12 engine and a 160 BHP (119 kW) electric motor, mated to an automatic transmission. The 0 to 100 km/h sprint takes 3 seconds and top speed stands at 350 km/h (217 mph). The second one is a 550 BHP (410 kW) twin-turbo V6, with a 160 BHP (119 kW) electric motor on the front axle and a 160 BHP electric motor on the rear axle. The 0 to 100 km/h sprint takes 2.9 seconds and top speed stands at 350 km/h.