Shanghai: MG CS Concept image

MG has unveiled the CS Concept during the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, in a world premiere.

After pulling the wraps off the European version of the MG3, MG has also unveiled the new CS Concept, during the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show. The MG CS Concept has been styled by chief designer Anthony Williams-Kenny and the model has narrow front grille, a generous air intake, creases on the hood, underbody protection, air vents in the front wings, concave door panels, black A-pillars and some other tweaks.

“The concept car is designed to slot into the compact SUV sector, one of the fastest growing areas of the global automotive market where style and sports utility dominate fashion trends”, as the automaker is saying in its official press release.

According to the car manufacturer, the model in question is “expected to create a sensation among young, fashion conscious people”. The MG CS Concept will also expand the global reach of the brand. The MG CS Concept is expected to be put into production probably next year and the final version should hit the market sometimes in 2015. The official starting price of the model will stand at 17,500 EUR (15,000 GBP / 23,000 USD). Its engine lineup may include 1.5 and 2.0 liter turbocharged gasoline units and diesel lovers will be able to order the 1.9 liter version.