Shanghai – the Chinese have their first supercar: Qiantu K50 Event! image

It’s only natural that when you have a strong auto industry and a mature market to produce cars for all levels of clients – from the most affordable to flagship supercars.

And while China – the world’s largest auto market – is still viewed by many industry experts and analysts as an emerging market, meaning it hasn’t yet fully matured, after the 2015 edition of the Shanghai auto show it’s one step closer. That’s because an indigenous automaker (one of many), Qiantu, ahs just introduced its first supercar model – the K50 Event! The model is also no ordinary supercar, but an electric one – and has been also showcased in both racing and street-legal versions at the motor show. The Qiantu K50 Event! electric supercar is the production version of the CH Auto Event concept that was showcased in April 2014 during the same automotive gathering and the Qiantu Qiche carmaker has already confirmed it will enter series production.

The race variant differs from the road-legal one by having a full aerodynamic body kit, complete with menacing front and rear bumper diffusers, side skirts and air intakes in the rear fenders. The “normal” supercar has a more down to earth design for the exterior, while on the inside the upcoming customers will find a leather-wrapped dashboard, center console and door cards, as well as the latest infotainment system complete with touchscreen. The necessary oomph comes courtesy of an electric motor that delivers 400 PS (294 kw) and 650 Nm (480 lb-ft) to the rear wheels, with a 0-100 km/h time of five seconds and a maximum range of around 200 km (124 miles).

Via CarNewsChina