Shanghai tightens regulations for owning car license plates image

As major Chinese cities are becoming more and more difficult to drive and leave in, local authorities are also imposing more restrictions on car owners, up to the point when it becomes quite impossible to get a new license plate.

China’s major cities are among the most polluted and congested metropolitan areas in the world and the government tries to limit the alarming levels of traffic and smog by coming up with all sorts of restrictive regulations. It has also committed to spur the demand for electrified cars by offering incentives for buyers and more support for carmakers that plan to develop environmentally friendly vehicles. Going back to the restrictive laws for the drivers and give examples: Beijing has a lottery system through which it gives license plates, while Shanghai has a bidding system. But Shanghai has decided the on-going system is too permissive and has tightened the rules on bidders, as the Chinese Global Times daily reports.

Prospective car owners in Shanghai must now be residents of the city or have at least three years of uninterrupted payments of social security or income tax and neither bidder, nor the car may have been registered for a plate before or have road traffic offences in the year before bidding. Moreover, Shanghai residents are not allowed to have more than one car.

A couple of years back, in order to reduce traffic congestion, the local officials imposed a cap of 100,000 new license plates given each year. Furthermore, cars with plates issued outside the municipality are banned for entering into the city from 7 am to 10 am and from 4 pm to 7 pm on workdays on the major highways.

If a new car owner did not succeed in winning a plate, it can apply for a temporary one, but it cannot hold more than three. The first temporary plate is valid for 15 days, while the next two are valid for one month each, after which the driver is not allowed in the city anymore.

Via Global Times