Tuesday, July 3rd, Shanghai Volkswagen celebrated its 8,000,000th sedan that rolled off the assembly line.

This blue New Lavida sedan marks a new milestone for the joint venture, which is one of China’s earliest auto JVs. Shanghai VW is equally owned by German manufacturer VW AG and SAIC Group. In September 2011 Shanghai VW produced the 7,000,000th sedan. This means that it took the company only 9 months to manufacture 1,000,000 sedans.

Currently Shanghai VW has four auto plants, a technology research, an engine factory and a development center located in Shanghai’s Anting District and Jiangsu’s capital of Nanjing. The company also plans to build new factories in Ningbo, Zhejiang and Yizheng, Jiangsu.

In June Shanghai VW sold 100,003 units, up 13.6% compared to the same period last month, and VW brand models made up for 81,118 units from the total. The Lavida remained the best sold model, with 18,808 units sold in June. The New Passat sold 15,362 units, from the total of 17,043 reached by the Passat family. From January to June 101,810 Passats were sold in China. The Tiguan sold 13,008 units, up 37% more than in May.


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