This week the U.S. program ‘My Strange Addiction’ presented the case of Shannon, a young woman who drinks gasoline daily.

It seems that smoking and alcohol addictions are outdated, and people are looking for new ways to harm themselves. Although she is aware that this is harmful, the fact that she feels better after drinking it makes her continue. She has the jug of gasoline stored in the kitchen and drinks about 12 teaspoons daily.

“It tastes like sweet and sour, like a tangy sauce. It tingles first, and then it burns the back of my throat. Even though it hurts me, it makes me feel good,” Shannon says.

Only last year she consumed more than five gallons, enough to drive a Honda Civic from New York City to Baltimore. But relax, with this crazy gas prices she will soon have to give up her addiction.

The New York State Department of Health website says that drinking straight gasoline can cause burns, diarrhea, vomiting, and in larger amounts, drowsiness or death. And my mother told me I would die if I continue drinking so much Coke. The things she should see…


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