Shelby American Moves to New headquarters Near Las Vegas Strip image

Shelby American plans a new flagship factory and headquarters near the Las Vegas Strip.

The facility will cover a 135,000-square-foot area and will be located near the famous boulevard Las Vegas Strip. It will include a gift shop, museum and factory tours and is expected to be opened on December 1st. John Luft, the president of Shelby American, the automaking arm of Carroll Shelby International, said that reaching a more visible location will help the company better prepare to go global.

“The decision to move operations into our new headquarters is consistent with what Carroll did many times in the past,” Luft said in a statement. “Our new facility allows us to be more nimble and accessible to our customers, while dramatically improving production and operational efficiency.”

He added that the entire project is expected to cost between $800,000 and $1 million. The company’s campus located near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, includes 5 buildings with various operations. The new facility will bring together the Speed Shop, production and other attractions.

“Consolidating our manufacturing and Speed Shop facilities under one roof will accelerate production while providing the flexibility to ramp up new vehicle models,” said Gary Davis, Shelby American’s vice president of production and r&d.

Source: Autonews