Shelby American has officially announced its plans to introduce the Signature Edition Mustang Super Snake, which will be based on the previous generation of the pony car.

The new generation of the Ford Mustang may be in production, including its hot GT350 version, but that cannot stop Shelby American of announcing a new special edition, which is based on the previous generation of the muscle car. The model in question will be called the Signature Edition Mustang Super Snake and it will be based on the Ford Shelby GT500.

“With production of the current generation GT500 ending, we wanted to commemorate the sunset of an important era. It’s a car worthy of being honored with a very special edition Shelby. The package can only be ordered for a limited time, so ownership puts a person in a very elite club”, said the Shelby America CEO, Joe Conway.

The Signature Edition is basically a package which is adding the 3.6 Kenne Bell supercharger, the Shelby Performance cooling package, upgraded rear brakes and forged Weld wheels. This can be added to 2007-2014 coupe and convertibles and it will be limited to just 50 units. Orders will be accepted until the 31st of January but the cost stands at 44,995 USD, and that doesn’t include the muscle car.


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