Shelby F-150 Super Snake has 750 hp to shame the Raptor image

The ultra-famous aftermarket specialist has just presented a widebody kit for the Mustang, but it turns out the Super Snake treatment isn’t exclusively reserved for the muscle car, also the world’s bestselling sports car last year.

No, ladies and gentlemen, you can actually have the iconic Super Snake treatment on… the F-150 pickup truck, albeit in a very limited edition of just 150 units. The company is actually working officially with Ford Performance as well as Borla to get the F-150 to Super Snake levels, and that means double on the hardcore level of the Raptor. There’s a catch though, while the Raptor is a performance all-rounder, the F-150 Super Snake isn’t likely to leave the asphalt – or the track for that matter. The truck has a different setting for the suspension that enhances maneuverability, and buyers can have the F-150 Super Snake with either a two- or a four-wheel drive system to go along with the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 that should be good for more than 750 hp.

Shelby F-150 Super Snake has 750 hp to shame the Raptor 0

And because this kind of stud farm needs to be heard from afar, the engine’s soundtrack is being tweaked through the Borla exhaust with stainless steel tips. Shelby is also letting customers stand out in the crowd with the new aero kit, complete with modified hood and bumpers, bespoke tonneau cover and spoilers or the 22-inch chrome wheel. Shelby’s well-known touch includes racing stripes and a logo on the front grille in case you forgot you’re dealing with a “snake”. Shelby also has the pricing for this monster – it kicks off at $96,880. That’s enough for a Raptor, Focus ST and Fiesta ST, including some change.