Shelby Mustang restomod is no Eleanor for Cyber Monday image

The good folks over at Classic Recreations think the Cyber Monday deal of $20k off might sweeten the deal for this $149, 000 Shelby Mustang restomod that could shame Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds.

If you’re looking for huge discounts on Cyber Monday or Black Friday, look no further than this lovely brand-new Shelby Mustang restomod. If you check up on Oklahoma-based experts at Classic Recreations and order your unit online you’ll get a build at up to $20,000 off normal pricing. There are three models on offer, but be warned – even in the most affordable situation, when selecting the Pro-Touring GT350CR, you’ll still have to pay $149,000. For the money you’ll be getting a 427 cubic-inch crate V8 packing 545 horsepower (406 kilowatts) and a vehicle that can hit 160 mph (257 km/h). Meanwhile the design is the classic ‘60s look with a few modern tweaks.


You could as well go for a GT500CR 545 costing a discounted $159,000 – the enhancements have to do with the design and interior luxury because otherwise the technical details are the same. The flagship is the 790-horsepower (589-kilowatt) GT500CR 900S that will set you back a cool $209,000 after the discount. The specs get there via a custom-built 427 cubic-inch engine with a Dart Racing block, a Tremec manual transmission, and a top speed of 200 mph (321 km/h). Every model is included in the official Shelby registry, and it’s also hand built at the company’s facility.