Shelby shows 50th Anniversary FIA Cobra image

Shelby American has recently introduced the 50th Anniversary FIA Cobra, a limited edition vehicle, which has been recently introduced at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson auction, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Shelby’s newest creation has been officially presented to the public during the 2014 Barrett-Jackson auction, in Scottsdale Arizona. The model in question has been created in a limited edition which is celebrating the birth of the 289 Ford-powered Cobra. According to the guys at Shelby American, only 50 units of the car will be created.

“The 289 FIA Shelby Cobras were among the most important cars in American racing history”, said the Shelby American president, John Luft. “Combining a robust, powerful American engine with a lightweight chassis was sheer brilliance. Shelby’s formula still resonates today and is followed by automakers worldwide”, he added.

The brand new 289 FIA Cobra will be offered in the famous Viking Blue paint and it will get the FIA stripes and rounders, along with special anniversary badges and the Cobra racing wheels. A fiberglass or an aluminum body will be offered as a choice by Shelby American, with the former costing 94,995 SUSD, while the latter will set you back for 159,995 USD, without the drivetrain. Additional details on the model are limited for the moment and will probably be announced over the following weeks.