Shell Sues Greenpeace Over Alaska Drilling image

Shell sues Greenpeace to ban the organization from holding protests at less than 500 meters of any Shell property or face a 1 million euro fine.

Shell sued Greenpeace at Amsterdam’s District Court, a move which shows the company’s aggressive offensive to protect the $4.5 billion investment in drilling for oil in Alaska. The verdict will be given after two weeks. Shell’s lawyers sad that even the international laws of freedom of speech do not offer Greenpeace the “unlimited powers to carry out protests that violate the rights of other parties.” Shell will also try to get the ban into effect immediately and last for the following six months.

According to Greenpeace drilling in Alaska is inherently risky. Then how did Shell’s safety plans managed to get through numerous safety and environmental challenges in the US licensing process until the company got two permits for drilling in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas? With this project the company will also create hundreds of new jobs.

Although Greenpeace has held protests all over the world against Arctic drilling, what made Shell sue them was the fact that on September 14th the organization’s protesters blocked 70 Shell gas stations in the Netherlands for several hours. The company did not reveal the loss caused to the company.